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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy Birthday Michael

Today my son turns 23 years old. Wow, the last 23 years have flown by faster than I would have ever thought. Seems like only yesterday Michael was in Kindergarten celebrating his 6th birthday.

Yesterday we drove Brittany down to Saskatoon so she could help her brother celebrate his birthday. Before heading over to see Michael and take him out for supper we took the girls shopping. They got some good deals, think the best deal was a coat Brittany got at Bootlegger. Regular price was $69.99 with only one black one left in her size, she tries the jacket on, it fits her perfectly. She notices that the jacket is missing a button, after checking the rack again finding that this is the only one in her size, she says I am going to ask for a discount because it is missing a button it is at this time that she happens to turn the tag over and notices that because it is missing a button they have it for 60% off the regular price of $69.99. So for the couple of minutes it will take to sew on the button provided by the manufacture Brittany saved $41.99.

Trying to get into a restaurant on Friday evening in Saskatoon proved to be a challenge. We should have known better and made a reservation, most places had a wait of 30 minutes up to 60 minutes. So we ended up going to Jerry's.

We didn't want to hang around Saskatoon too late as it was storming pretty good and we had to get back to PA. The worst stretch was from Saskatoon to MacDowall, after that the driving was good.

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