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Friday, 16 January 2009

New Addition

We are adding to our family again...and no I am not expecting. We are taking in a year old pure bred Shih Tzu - Lucy. The lady we got Rocco from took Lucy and her two pups in after they were abandoned at the vet's office. Check out Molly Dogs for a picture of Lucy on the home page as well as her puppies. Dianne raises the wonderful dogs - ShihChon. If your looking for house dog I highlighly recommend checking out Dianne's website. You won't be sorry with a purchase of a Molly Dog.

We'll get Lucy once her puppies are weaned...around the end of February. We are looking forward to giving Lucy a wonderful home with us. Rocco will have a playmate. I keep telling him he's getting a girlfriend. Nice thing is we don't have to go through the house training bit as Lucy is a fully trained dog. She comes to us spayed which we are very happy about as well and all her shots are up to date.

I will post pictures of Lucy for you once we get her home with us. Dianne is hoping to be able to send me more pictures of her as her hair grows back. She was very badly matted so had to have her hair shaved really short. Never the less she is a beautiful dog - silver and white.

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