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Friday, 20 February 2009

A Call From My Hubby

Yesterday afternoon my hubby calls as he is sitting on Lac LaRonge Lake waiting for the first of the 12 Dog teams to arrive at the lake, he was also waiting for the guys to come with the stakes to stake out the trail across the lake. This should have been done earlier this week but the guy from LaRonge never got it done, so my hubby sat and waited in the event that a musher and his team arrived before they got back with the stakes.

As of yesterday he had had only 3 hours of sleep since Wednesday. He was tired. So as the other guys were heading to LaRonge to pick up the stakes, they told my husband to watch out for these other guys on the lake. Here not far from them is a pack of wolves eating a dead moose. Not wanting to be dessert my hubby headed up the lake a bit.

The first team has crossed the finish in the 8 Dog Team. After approximately 29 hrs 6 min after leaving Prince Albert Tanja Tabel crossed the finish line in LaRonge.

Al was looking forward to the night at LaRonge last night as they would be able to get some sleep as it is a mandatory rest stop for the mushers and their teams.

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