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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

Have you have had the feeling that someone is thinking of you, you call them up to find out that they were just about to call you. I had this happen to me both Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

On Tuesday as I was setting to do some coloring of my new Sugar Nellie stamps, I thought of my best friend Kim. Actually Kim and I are closer than friends -- we are sisters of the heart. We have a very close bond, closer than what she has with her own sisters. We can tell when each needs the other one....we can finish each other's sentences off. I truly believe that our souls are re-united....we both feel like we could have been twins in a past life. So as I am dialing Kim's number on the phone she stops what she is doing and thinks I need to get the phone and phone Corinne....she no sooner picks up the phone it rings and with out looking at it she knows its me. We do this to each other so often..... Great Minds Think Alike

Then last night, I was thinking about my Aunt in BC so I decided to give her a call and chat. When she sees it is me calling she starts to laugh as she was going to call me after supper. Again Great Minds Think Alike... I enjoy talking with my Aunt, we always have a few laughs and a great conversation. I wish she lived closer so that I could pop in for tea and a visit but never the less....I enjoy our conversations and look forward to when we will be able to sit down with a cup of tea!

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