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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feb 1 Weigh-In

Well we did it, my hubby and I weighed in Sunday morning, recording our starting weight and on the road to changing our lifestyles and loosing some weight. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't gain back as much of the weight I had lost from April to June as I had thought so for me I started this journey on a high note compared to what I thought I would be starting on.

Tonight I have to remember to take my measurements....the only thing I didn't do on Sunday. My daughter will help me with that.

So far feeling good...making sure I eat breakfast something I didn't always do and being more aware of the food I put in my mouth.... I have to remember to bring water to work each day as we don't have a water cooler at the office anymore and I refuse to drink that crap they call city water...YUCK..... Can't say I care for the taste of what ever it is that they treat the city water with.

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