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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Graduation Meeting

Last night I attended my first graduation meeting for my daughter's grad. So first thing we had to do was pick up the book of tickets that each graduate is expected to sell. To attend all the functions they need to turn in $120 in ticket least the prizes are good. 1st Prize $3000, 2nd Prize $2000, 3rd Prize $1000 and 5 additional prizes of $500 each. With only 4500 tickets printed the odds are not too bad and the prizes make the tickets worth the $10 each.

Next thing was to volunteer for something. I decided that my darling hubby and I would volunteer to drive kids home from the After Grad Party aka Safe Grad our shift is from 3:30 am - 7:00 am. This way we will be able to pick up our daughter at the end of the Safe Grad. This is the only thing that we are volunteering for...with the probability of having company in for Meagan's grad we want to be able to spend time with them and Meagan probably doesn't want mom and dad hanging around that night anyway.

The school Graduation pictures are being taken the week of March 23rd.....these are the Cap and Gown photos... Grad Rings can be ordered anytime or in person sometime in March. So for now Meagan can look through Josten's catalogue, pick out a ring and decide if she wants a ring.

Yes Graduation will be here soon and now it is feels like it is around the corner.

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