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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Designing a Craft Area

I am sitting down to the challenge of designing my crafting area that I have been asking for the last couple of year. I enjoy scrapbooking, stamping & sewing but to do any of these activities I have to drag everything out then put everything what I have done in the past is leave everything out for a few days so I can get somethings finished...only problem with doing this is that we loose our kitchen table and it looks like a mess until I put it all away.

Yesterday my hubby started working on out new storage room in the basement. Knocking out a wall between the cold room and our daughters old bedroom to make one big storage room. We have been using an empty bedroom/office for our storage room/computer room. Well there is a path the width of the doorway and as long as the room to get in there. I have my computer, scrapbooking supplies, material, painting supplies etc stored in this room. We want to make this room into a dining room and until the storage room is completed downstairs we can't begin to clean out this room.

So now the challenge is to come up with a plan that will fit my computer, sewing machine, painting supplies and scrapbooking supplies as well as give me a work area for sewing and crafting. It will be so nice to be able to start a project and not have to pack it away for weeks and weeks or months before getting back to it. I am sure that between my hubby and I can come up with a plan that we are both happy with.

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