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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Gifts From My Hubby

After Al came home from the dog sled races he informs me that his zipper on his winter jacket is shot..and that he needs a new jacket....this one is about 15 years old so it has served it purpose. On Monday we checked out the coats at Davidner's Western Wear. He found a really nice jacket there for $600 that's right $600. It definitely would be a warm coat even when it is -50 Celsius outside. Al also stated that that same coat in LaRonge is the same price as here. So left as we want to shop around and see what else he can find first. We'll check out Quin The Eskimo Army Surplus in Saskatoon as well as a couple other stores there.

After work yesterday we decided to check out Prairie Recreational here in town as they have been advertising that they are blowing out all their winter apparel. Al didn't find anything that he like there. I did however find a nice pair on gauntlet mitts on sale for $25...half price. Then Al tells me I should try on a snowmobile helmet as they are on sale and if I find one that fits good he'll buy it for me as I need one anyways. Sure enough I find a helmet that fits perfectly.....the helmet has an electric shield, comes with the cables and everything for hook up....I won't have to wear a face mask under this helmet as it has a face guard as well that with the visor up all you will see is my eyes anyways....... So yesterday we went looking for him and I ended up getting spoiled instead.

I can't wait to get out on the snowmobile now and try out my new gear. My snow suit is about 10 years old but is like new....still looks new as I only use it if I am snowmobiling. Yep I am ready now......all I have to do is pick up some wool to hook my self a pair of socks to help take up the slack in my boots and I will be toasty warm on the trail.

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