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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Card Making

Last night I was quite bored. Didn't want to sit and watch tv didn't feel like being on the computer so I decided to finish up the birthday card I started for a co-worker of mine. The birthday card turned out really good. I am very happy with my first completed card. I went to take a picture of it last night to only find that my camera batteries were dead, so once they done charging will get a photo of the card to post here for you to see.

Once I was done the card, I decided to color in another one of stamped images from my stash. I chose a Sugar Nellie image - Pen Pal. Sugar Nellie stamps are available from Funky Kits in Scotland. To see more of the Sugar Nellie stamps from Funky Kits click HERE

I really liked how she turned out using my Prismacolored Pencils & OMS ((odorless mineral spirits) Mona Lisa brand from Michael's) for the clothes and Copic Sketch Markers for the skin and hair. I really love these two mediums for coloring, I would recommend either method to anyone. My collection of Prismacolored pencils has grown as I can get them right here in PA. I choose to purchase my Prisma's individually instead of in a set...this way I got the colors that want and have spent close to the same amount if I would have gotten the same number of pencils in a set (catching a 2 for 1 sale helps too). I will take a picture of this Sugar Nellie as well and post it.

I have taken a whole new view to stamping once I decided to start making my own greeting cards. I never really thought much about stamping images and coloring them in until I started searching for ideas on card making, that is when I found some very inspiring blogs which I have added links for to some them in my side bar.

I do hope to have a few handmade cards ready for Christmas this year. I also plan to make my own gift tags this year as well. The way I see it if I keep a stash of stamped images around I can color them up anytime I will be that much closer to having some images ready for making Christmas cards.

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