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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Farewell Ronnie Bononnie

Thursday July 15, 2010 58 (both past and present) staff from Ministry of Environment Forest Service gathered to wish Ronnie Bononnie (as he was called by a former Executive Director of the branch) farewell.  As we entered the hall Val was there to gather our money for the supper catered by Lone was very very good, of course I ate too much!


Ron visiting with the well wishers.


Andrea welcomed everyone to Ron's Retirement Banquet, shared a few stories of the days when her and Ron's offices were across from each other.  Read well wishes from those that were unable to attend.


Barb brought back many memories from past branch and off site unit meetings.  Where fun was never far behind, especially for Ron! One could say that leaves, balloons and toilet paper had a liking for Ron.


Gifts were given!



The "Mediocre's" gave a musical tribute.


A special presentation was arranged.


Baaaadd To The Bone!

This little cutie was so excited to see Ron with a bottle of milk that he piddled on the floor.

It was time to meet up with friends both past and present but most of all to wish our dear college Ron Berezowsky the best for his retirement.  He will be missed by many here in the office.The evening was enjoyed by all.  Lots of laughs and reminiscing about past events - branch and unit meetings, special projects at work.

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