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Friday, 30 July 2010


Ahhhh today is my last day of work for a week....another week of holidays.  Not much is planned for our holidays....just more work on the house.....our deadline for the Energuide final assessment is only 3 weeks away.  I must say our house looks so much more different than it did 2 years ago, it barely looks like the same place anymore.  One of my goals is next week is to go through and sort all the before, during and after pictures of our renovations so I can post some photos for you to see.  I think I will start with the outside of the house and then move to the inside reno's.

The highlight of our holidays will be the weekend houseboat trip that we have planned on Tobin Lake.  We have a 12 man boat with a 8 person hot tub on the roof and a slide into the lake off the back.....oh the fun it will be.  Packing my blender as they have a power inverter on board so frozen cocktails it will be....yep I can see Sandra and I sitting in the hot tub with frozen Margaretta's and Pina Coloda's --- yum yum yummy!  Besides relaxing in the hot tub I do intend to do some fishing as I have a score to settle with a fish from last year....don't know what it was but it was the biggest fish I have ever had on my line...after about 30 minutes or so of fighting that fish....well he won that battle and made off with hook and my line.  My upper arms were sore for a couple of days.   So I am hoping to settle the score and land me the big one!

My kids are really excited for the trip....the last time Michael and Brittany were on a houseboat was back in 1990 when we went to Cranberry Portage with my Aunt Glenda and Uncle Bill.  Michael would have been 4 years old and Brittany was about 6 months old.  Michael caught his very first fish that trip....he got so excited that he threw the rod in the water....lucky for him Candice was right there and was able to scoop his rod out of the water.....I think it was Uncle Bill who helped Michael reel his fish in....Michael was having nothing to do with touching the fish let alone hold it up for a picture....he stood on the other side of Uncle Bill away from the fish.....good memories of that trip!  Wish my Aunt and Uncle were here to come on another houseboat trip with us.

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