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Thursday, 1 July 2010

She's Moved Out!

Brittany picked up the keys to her house at lunch time today.  She is so excited and a bit anxious.  After work she grabbed some boxes, then her and Ron came out to our place to pack up her things.  By the time I got home Al had the Yukon half packed with stuff, Brittany and Ron were packing up stuff from her bedroom here.  Once we had supper we all took off into town to unload things.   I hadn't seen her house until is a nice little house.  It is the perfect size for her and Ron.....only thing is we can't get her bed up the stairs as the header is about 2 inches too low.  So for now they have the bed set up in the living room as they don't have their couch and love seat in yet.  Al is figuring out how to get their bed up the stairs.  The colors of the house or really nice..the bedrooms upstairs are light browns almost a taupey brown...the wall going up the stairs is a really nice red and there is green in the kitchen.  A vcery nice houe that is for sure.

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