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Friday, 23 July 2010

Web of Diamonds

When it is foggy outside we always focus on the things that we cannot see like the end of the drive way or the house down the road; but what about the things that we can see.  The things that we don't normally see on a day to day basis.  Yesterday morning as I was leaving the house a little voice told me "take your camera with you".  Well I decided to listen to this little voice, and I am sure glad I did.

As I was driving down the grid road from my house I noticed spiderwebs like I had never seen before.  Not just a couple of them but dozens of them, in the trees, the grasses and the wildflowers.  Oh how I wish I didn't have to go to work this morning.  I could have spent a couple of hours or so just driving around the countryside taking pictures.  It was almost as if these were spun just for my enjoyment.  

 I was able to capture a cluster of the spider webs here!

Each string on the web was covered with morning dew drops...looked so beautiful.....there were large one and small ones and some in-between ones.  These beauties glistened as the sun rays drifted through the fog catching the dew on the webs.  They looked like pure silk with diamonds woven in the threads.  What an awesome opportunity for getting some amazing photos.  The spiders were sure busy the night before.




It is amazing how each drop of dew forms its own little bead shimmering in the morning sun rays.  I feel truly blessed that I was able to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature's webbed ornaments yesterday morning.  Each web intricately spun with care and admiration a perfect place for dew drops to settle.

This morning as I was driving into work I looked and not one spider web could be seen.

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