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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Friday Night Lights

Friday evening after the lawn was cut, the clippings raked in piles and loaded on the trailer we decide to sit on the deck, have a drink before we hauled the dead grass to the pile in the pasture.  Needless to say we never made it off the deck until much later.  We sat and talked....about all sorts of things, Al told me about his week at work and all the bears he seen 2 or 3 each day.

As were sitting there, Al had bought this beer called Melon Head brewed by Paddock Wood Brewing in Saskatoon.  Instructions on the box say to take the beer out reseal the lid and tear on the lines and you will have a watermelon hat....anyways instead of doing that we just tore up the as I was sitting there I decide to light a strip on fire (to see if it burnt in many colors) cut some kindling and we built a table top fire much like the propane fire bowls you can buy.  The fire crackled and snapped like a large roaring fire.  It was nice to sit by the fire and enjoy the clear night and full moon.  The coating on the box burned in different pretty....very much like a "Magic Campfire"

Our daughter Meagan came out to send the evening with us.  We sat waiting for the " Perseid
Meteor Shower" to start, the only down fall was the full moon was so bright.  I did get to see 4 of Perseid's Meteors and then I waited and waited and nothing the moon was at the top of the sky and hindered the viewing of the Perseid Meteors, as the last two were very faint to see.  I had the best laid plans to get up before dawn to see the shower but needless to say I slept through it.  Oh well maybe next August will be better for the viewing of Perseid's Meteor Shower.

What are meteor showers?

An increase in the number of meteors at a particular time of year is called a meteor shower.
Comets shed the debris that becomes most meteor showers. As comets orbit the Sun, they shed an icy, dusty debris stream along the comet's orbit. If Earth travels through this stream, we will see a meteor shower. Depending on where Earth and the stream meet, meteors appear to fall from a particular place in the sky, maybe within the neighborhood of a constellation.
Meteor showers are named by the constellation from which meteors appear to fall, a spot in the sky astronomers call the radiant. For instance, the radiant for the Leonid meteor shower is located in the constellation Leo. The Perseid meteor shower is so named because meteors appear to fall from a point in the constellation Perseus.

The next Meteor Shower is Draconids Meteor Shower on the night of Saturday October 8th...the moon may somewhat hinder the viewing of this shower as well as will be nearly full.

It was enjoyable time sitting out and watching the "Friday Night Lights" - table top campfire and the Perseid Meteor Shower (what we seen of it) on our deck.


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