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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Stars Are A-lining

Things are going well for my family.  It is so nice when the stars aline so to speak.  All my kids have good jobs that enable them to support themselves.  They are all living on their own, my house is so quiet when it is just me and the dog.

My son and a friend of his had been looking for a place to live where they could share the rent but just weren't having much luck and maybe it is a good thing as they also found out that they are not the best suited to live together..... So yesterday evening we went with our son to check out a basement suite.  It is in a really nice neighborhood in town and in an old character home too.  The kitchen and dining area are small but perfect for a room, bedroom and bathroom are really nice size.  So after looking at the place and negotiating the rent, we walked away with my son telling the guy he would get back to him by the morning to confirm but was pretty sure he would take it.  After talking to his dad and I he decided yes he'll take it...he won't get anything better with everything included except phone....laundry is even included.

So today my son and his dad are moving his stuff in to get him settled.  The owner has both a cat and dog that hang around and my son being the animal lover said not a problem.....really nice owners.  As it turns out the guy happened to mention he has a restaurant out at Christopher Lake...the light bulb light up the bells went off in my head and I blurted out that is where I recognize you from.  Back in 2008 when Al and I were cleaning out my dad's place at Northside we went up to Christopher Lake for supper.  We spotted this new restaurant that had just opened, the food was fabulous.  The owner/chef went around an met with the patrons and talked with everyone.  In conversation he had told me that his mom had owned Central Perc up by the court house but closed it after they opened at the lake and it was her baking that they served.  Oh my it was delicious.  Mike isn't bound by anything other than a month by month agreement so if he and a friend decide to share a place sometime in the future all he has to do is give a month's notice. It is a perfect suite for a young single guy. 

Life is good today!


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