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Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Girls~

On Tuesday evening my girls came out to spend that night with me do laundry and have supper together.  Meagan asked if we would have time to do some once we finished all the prep work for supper, Brittany had laundry going they got ready and I got the camera set up and off we went out to the field to get some pictures of the two of them together.

Here are a few shots from the evening.  You might want to grab something to drink as there are quite a few pictures to see.

I really like the golden glow that the setting sun gave these pictures!
 Peeking around from behind the bales!
 Looking off into the sunset!!
One of my favorite shots of the evening!!
 As we were heading back to the house, Meagan had the idea to try something different so she set up the shots for me.  She wanted to try some shots of them laying on the road and getting the pictures taken from the ground up.
These pictures of Brittany were taken by Meagan!  It was more of what she was looking next time I take her pictures we can achieve what it is she was wanting.
Brittany had the idea of giving Meagan a piggy back ride!
Another unique pose for the final photos of the evening!
 I love the colors of the sky in these photo!

I always enjoy taking pictures of the girls...this is the first time I have photographed Brittany since last summer.  She never was much for having her picture taken but is getting more into it.  I told her that I would love to a sitting with her and Trent one of these days.  

Meagan loves to model for me.....a great way to hone my photography skills. Meagan also has an interest in photography and is full of ideas.  


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