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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Quading - Big River Area

 Over the August long weekend my husband and I along with our nephew, his wife and their two girls set out to discover some more of the trails in the Big River Area.   We had a fabulous day to ride...the sun was shining and the temperature was nice...maybe a bit on the hot side but in the forest you didn't feel the effects of the sun due to the canopy cover.  Here are a few pictures from our ride.

 This is the first major mud hole we up to....Jeff led the way and just made it through with a bit of work...We ended up getting hung up when we slipped off the ledge.
The mud is flying!!!
 Tammy's turn to get stuck....she was the only one that attempted this mud hole.  In her defense she thought Jeff and gone through it ahead of her, what she didn't notice was the trail that went around this one.
 After getting the winch hooked up to Tammy's Quad, Jeff ended up in the mud hole!
She's out and we're back on the trail!
Jeff climbing up the hill....he went down to see if we could get onto the lake shore
 We had a great day of riding with our family.  The girls had an absolute blast as did the rest of us.  We are looking forward to hitting the trails again with our nephew and his family. I am also looking forward to getting my own Quad next year (crossing my fingers that it works out for next spring). Al and I do take turns driving...and I wasn't the one that got stuck! hehehe


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Anonymous said...

This looks like such a lot of fun
Hugs Julie P