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Friday, 19 August 2011

1st Wedding Shoot

Tomorrow I embark on my first wedding shoot, can you hear my knees knocking together.  Yes you could say I am a bit nervous about it.  A wedding is a big event in ones life and the photos are another big part of it and I don't want to disappoint the bride and groom.   The one thing I love about digital photography is I can preview the shot before everyone moves and if I need to re-take it...I can....a bit of a savior if you ask me and you can take hundreds of photos and not have to pay an arm and leg to develop them.

A friend of ours is getting hitched as he would put it and they have asked me to take their wedding photos.  I am so glad that this is an informal affair, less pressure for my first time shooting a wedding.  They are getting married in their back yard....the theme of the wedding is Wild West/Pioneer Days with a little bit of Red Neck Down Home Hillbilly thrown in.

I have done 2 photos sessions with my daughter and was very happy with the out come of the pictures.  She loves helping me hone my photography see pictures from those shoots click HERE for the summer shoot and HERE for the fall shoot.  Her friends have all complemented on how nice her pictures turn out and are interested in having me take photos for them...maybe one day.

Now photographing weddings isn't something that I want to be doing on a regular basis.  Nature photography is my style of choice when it comes to photography....

So cross your fingers and toes that all turns out well.   I will let you know how it goes and post a few pictures from the day.  Should be a good time....good thing my duties as photographer are over before the Social starts.....hehehe

I am looking forward to the challenge of taking their wedding photos, a little bit nervous too.


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