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Friday, 12 August 2011


On our first quad ride on the trails around Big River/Cowan Lake I was amazed at all the mushrooms around.  The forest floor was covered in mosses, mushrooms, fallen tree branches, flowers and berries.

These next three reminded me of a Hibiscus bloom.  So elegant looking.
I liked how these three brown mushrooms looked clustered in amongst the dead Jack Pine branches.
Love the contrast of the greens, browns and orange colors.
A couple of my favorite pictures!
 Orange Fungi growing on a dead tree branch. I couldn't believe how bright and beautiful these were.  I have only ever seen the dried fungi that grows on trees and dead branches that looks all grey and dull and dried up.  So is this what that fungi looks like before it turns grey and dull and dries up.
 This red mushroom was huge.....I am thinking about 6 inches in diameter.
 I was amazed at the variety of mushrooms/fungi that we seen that day on our quad ride.  I moss that laid on the forest floor was so soft and cushiony.  It was a beautiful day to go riding and we thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of nature that Mother Nature shared with us that day.

In everything that the Lord touches there is beauty, sometimes we just have to look a little deeper to find it.


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