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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Busy as Bees

This past week my hubby has been a very busy worker bee.  Al cleaned out what was part of Brittany's old room in the basement and what was a family room.  A truck load to the dump (almost like an episode of Hoarders), walls came down, walls went up, carpet down, beds, end tables and lamps set up...looks like a huge hotel room right now...  Al along with the help of Trent, Brittany's boyfriend got the north stud wall built, insulated and gyproced, will finish the east wall later.  This is going to be our theater room, we're going to be able to put on big ass TV in there.  So with family coming for the weekend it sparked us to get working on the theater room sooner than anticipated but a good thing. 

We are having an invasion of family for the long weekend.  It is going to be like a mini family reunion on Al's side of the family - sure to be a lot of fun, lots of re-connecting.  If all our kids can make it out sometime during the weekend and if Al`s niece and her family come (we`ll get to meet her little guy too), we'll have up to 23 people here this weekend.  This is the number that I am planning for.  We'll have Al`s two nephew`s from Fort MacMurray along with Keith`s boys and his girlfriend and her two children.  Al's sister and her husband and their two children and their families.  A house it will be.....

It will be nice to meet Keith`s boys, the eldest two are men now.....we haven`t seen his two eldest since 1994 or 1995 and we haven`t met his youngest who I think is 16.  I am looking forward to getting to know Kelly`s better and to meet her two children.  So this weekend we'll get to meet four great-nephews, two that we haven't seen since since they were little and two that we haven't met yet - one is 16 yrs ols and the other is 1 yr old.

It will be wonderful to reconnect with family.....lots of catching up to do in a little bit of time.... maybe this will be the start of a yearly family reunion. 

So today we picked up some light bulbs, new dimmer switch for the living and room and few other things....just a few more things and we`re done getting ready....might have to take Friday off next week to finish up and small things left needing doing.

Life is good......looking forward to wonderful weekend with family.   Who knows maybe we'll make this annual event.

We`ve been busy little bees but will be all worth it in the end....


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