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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Fun In The Sun

The cooler temperatures of the lake didn't stop my daughter from getting out on the tube and the water skis.

With a new tube that is more like a knee board with a tub around the front and sides.......they had a blast. There are fins on the back so you have some control over the steering of the tube. No matter how how my husband tried to whip them over the wake to dump the kids they stayed on for the ride. Meagan even tried to dump herself off the tube and found it very difficult.

This photo of Meagan on the tube is taken with a Canon DVD Mini Camcorder..... a nice clear photo for moving at close to top speed. Meagan looks so relaxed sitting in the tube motoring around the lake.

Meagan hadn't been on water skis for two years and first try she was up. She did really good until she tried dropping a ski......then it was wipe out time. The only picture I had of Meagan on skis was taken as we hit the wake of another boat just before she wiped out and the picture turned out really blurry.

We came home with sun burns and memories of a great time at the lake........along with some good photos and video footage.

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