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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My Daughter the Farm Girl........

Yesterday evening my daughter Brittany got a taste of what it is like to be a farm girl. While were over at my cousin Brenda's house she was able to experience a bit of the farm life.

For the first time Brittany petted a calf...."Kicker Dicker"....he walked up to Brittany, let her pet him and that was it, it was love at first sight.....Kicker Dicker followed her all the way to the house and even into the garage, wanting more affection. After supper, Brenda made up Kicker Dicker's bottle and Brittany bottle fed him his supper. She really enjoyed it.....and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch the event on film.....

Then Brenda had Brittany dive right into the life of a farm girl by helping out with a couple of chores that come with raising livestock. She helped Brenda chase a cow into the shutte so they could vaccinate it for Foot Root.......Brenda gave the first shot then showed Brittany how to give the next one. Brittany got as far as getting the needle into the cow which she said they sure have a tough hide, when the cow flipped her head around. Brenda had Brittany back up so she didn't get hurt and finished giving the needle.

After they put the cow back to pasture they brought "Ben" the Lama out of the barn as he had tangled himself up with some chicken wire. Brittany and Brenda de-tangled Ben and Brittany led Ben back to his corral and gave him his freedom.
As you can see from the photos I posted, Brittany enjoyed her time helping Brenda with the farm animals. She especially enjoyed the opportunity to fee Kicker Dicker........ An experience that Brittany will cherish for a life time and would like to help out again sometime.

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