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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Deadliest Catch

With the Canada Day weekend behind us, I have found a few moments to write.

Saturday June 30, 2007 along with my husband Al, my daughter Meagan and dog Rocco we headed to Nemeiben Lake to spend the weekend with Jack & Brenda at their cabin. The weather was drizzly and dull. Upon arrival at the dock we are met by Jack & Brenda who tell us of the wind storm that came through that morning. The water was rough crossing to their cabin but we all arrived with gear in tow safe & sound.

3 Brave souls Jack, Al and myself decide to venture out onto the water for an afternoon of fishing......if that is what you could call was more like survival of the fittest and the lake wasn't taking me down. If you have ever watched the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel you would gain a new appreciate for these men that brave the Bearing Sea in pursuit of King Crab after experiencing a rough day on Nemeiben Lake. What we experienced wasn't that dangerous but dangerous enough. The best part of our time spent on the rough waters of Nemeiben Lake was the fish that we caught....we threw a few back to the depths of the lake so they could grow some more before we venture back to try and catch them. After sitting for a while I thought I would stand and let my legs stretch out....that didn't last big wave a couple feet high and I decided that it was much safer to sit and fish than chance swimming with the fish. Even with the drift sock down we moved around about 1.5 miles per hour......

With the weather not cooperating we managed to catch 4 fish to feed 8 of us supper.....anyone that would of seen the three of out there would think we were crazy.........crazy for fish. We experienced our own version of the Deadliest Catch that afternoon.

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