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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Letting Go.....

There comes a time when parents have to let go of their children, we can't hold onto them forever. They need to be able to start their lives and learn from the mistakes they make as they start out on their own. To start making their own living and preparing for their future. For some parents this is harder than for others.

My son Michael is taking the step to venture out on his own, once again but this time is different. He is moving to Lampman SK, about 20 minutes north east of Estevan. I am very proud of Michael for taking this step in life......for some this will be one of the hardest steps they take, for others this step is the first of many more to come. The furthest Michael has lived away from home is Candle Lake about a 45 minute drive from our house. Now he is going to be a 5 - 6 hour drive away. His best friend lives in Lampman, they will be room mates until Michael gets himself settled into a job and can find a place of his own. This is a big comfort to me for Michael to have such a good friend there as well.

I am not sad that my oldest and only son is stepping out on his own into the world to start a new chapter in his life.....I am very happy for Michael and extremely proud of him. I will miss having him around close by where I can pop in to see him, take him for lunch or just spend time with him. Michael has always been there with a hug and "I Love You Mom". Now there will be more time between the hugs but the I Love You's will be there with each phone call and text message. Thank you SaskTel for long distance bundles, with free evenings and weekends it will be easy to talk to Michael just about any old time. Michael is moving to the most southern part of the province......almost into the USA....he will be about 30 miles from the border.

So for me letting go will be okay.......I still have my two girls at home to keep me going...... I will miss Michael and there will be days that I wish he was home but I know we are only a visit, phone call or text message away. So no empty nest just yet.

This is a good thing.....Michael moving out into the world on his own. I couldn't be happier or more proud of him than I am right now..........I know he will be alright and the he will make it on his own, after all he is my son.

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