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Monday, 16 July 2007

Sunday Drive

My husband and I drove down to Yellow Creek, Sunday afternoon to check out the crops and just get away. There some crops that are late and some that are head but all in all they look pretty good. Ours crop of Canola is a bit late, just starting to bloom.....

While we were there we stopped by the Hazel Lake Cemetery. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get pictures of the headstones of Al's family for my genealogy files. We spent time walking around as there are many of Al's relatives buried at the Hazel Lake Cemetery. I was able to get photos of the headstones before the batteries in the camera died. The headstones of my mother and father in-law look really nice with the Potentilla growing behind the headstones.

After we stopped at the other cemetery where Al's maternal grandparents are buried. The last time we were at that cemetery was when we buried his Baba Twardy in 1998 I do believe, will have to check the date on that. I was able to get photos of both his Baba & Gedo's headstones as the batteries died for good this time.

We enjoyed our drive down time we hope to stop by the farm yard where Al grew up and see if we can find any interesting treasures.

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