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Friday, 13 July 2007

Moving On Down To Southern Saskatchewan

As I think of my son moving to a new hometown....The Jefferson's theme song starts playing in my mind.....Movin' On Up To the East side......only difference is Movin' on down south.....

Letting go for me isn't that hard when it comes to my son moving to Lampman......he has moved out and back in and moved out and back again, so this time it isn't that hard to watch my son pack his belongings and prepare to start a new chapter in the book of Life. I think when something feels this right for your child to do it makes it easier on us "Moms" to let go.

My son and my dad returned from their excursion to Lampman SK yesterday afternoon. It did my heart good to hear my son tell me about how excited he is to move there. He told me it really feels like home down there and how much he likes it......he was glad to see that they have trees there as well. He couldn't say enough good things about his one night in Lampman. He said everyone is so friendly and everyone knows everyone. The population of Lampman is 650. The town was named for Archibald Lampman, poet.

I am confident that my son is doing the right thing by moving out on his own to a new place that he is excited about. He is talking about buying a house once he gets settled into a job. We have offered our services to help fix it once he purchase it. He has his eye on a couple of properties there.

He is already talking about wanting us to have Christmas down at his place in Lampman, we'll have to see what happens come Christmas.

My husband and I are both looking forward to our first visit to our son in his new hometown of Lampman.

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Sharon Kent said...

Hey Sweetie. Greet your son and wish him every success in his new venture. I know he will do well.


P.S. I miss you......ya