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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Face Book

Facebook is fairly new on the internet. I remember reading about in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix back in either March or April. It was saying how FaceBook is becoming the hottest thing on the internet, for people to be able to share photos, send messages and connect with old friends. So after a couple of invites from friends to join, I did. Membership is free. I haven't figured out yet to tell if your friends are on line yet, but I am having fun sending fun things to my friends that I have connected with.

What kinds of fun things do I send......well that depends on what applications you have added to your FaceBook profile. I have sent my friends a drink, fish for their aquarium, draw on their graffiti wall, tickle them, poke them, send flowers to their garden, bit them and turn them into a vampire, zombie or werewolf. You can take a movie challenge and if your friends take the same test it will compare your movie reviews with each other. You can have your horoscope posted daily. You can post what Causes you support, Awareness Ribbons and more. The nice thing is these applications don't take up hard drive space on your computer, they are all on FaceBook's web space.

You can search for people by searching the Networks that are available, my your high school or post secondary school. You can invite anyone in your address book to join as well.

To check out FaceBook go to create an account and you are on your way.

See you there..........

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