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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Could it Be...Spring is here~

Could it be that Spring has arrived. Oh how I hope it has. As I walked into work this morning I noticed that the river is free of the ice that was flowing only last week. There is still places with snow along the tree lines but that is about it. I would like to be able to get out into my flower garden this weekend and clean it up from last year. I have plants emerging nicely so yes it is time to clean out the garden.

I have a pond that I would like to get back up and running, I haven't done anything with it for the last 3 years maybe even 4 years.

I am starting to plan my vegetable garden....yes for those that know me well are saying WHAT you plant a vegetable garden.....right....I'll believe it when I see it. For years my idea of a vegetable garden was going to the farmers market to support the local growers but for some reason this year I want to plant a garden...that's right I want to plant a vegetable garden. Fresh garden produce is so good and if I don't get to the farmers market then we don't have this year I am going to try gardening. The garden will serve more than one purpose besides fresh garden produce but also a means for me to get more exercise.

Mother's Day is around the corner, I always like to do the green house tour, looking at all the plants and picking up some tomatoes and bedding plants for my pots which is another thing that I haven't planted in a while. My kids hate going on the greenhouse tour, so for the last couple of years we haven't done it because they wanted to do other things instead that they have planned for me. I have decided that whether they want to go or not I am going to do the green house tour even if I go by myself, after all it is going to be "Mother's Day". I usually always run into my cousins and my aunt and a few friends.

Yes I believe that Spring is here..... Aaaahhhhhhh~

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