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Friday, 10 June 2011

Around the Yard

Yesterday evening as my hubby was mowing our lawn, all the container plants were watered I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, I love the smell of them as you walk by a lilac bush.  So over to my small lilac bush I headed to catch some shots of the flowers and hoping for a butterfly or two or even a bubble bee.  Suddenly my little eye spied a bee drinking the sweet nectar from the lilac blossoms.  So up with the camera, focus and he flies disappointed as he was huge would have made a great shot...oh time.

My great grandmother had the most beautiful deep dark purple lilacs at her place.  Well over the years the weeds and grasses have choked them out.  As a child I remember riding my bike down to the old homestead and picking these regal colored beauties for my grandma, and each year there seemed to be fewer and fewer of them. 

I did get lucky enough to catch a beautiful butterfly in my lens.  After the first shot when I stepped to get a more head on photo off he fluttered gracefully.
So as I was sitting on the trailer patiently waiting for the butterfly to return I was looking off into the pasture at my grandparents old Model T car (I think that is what it was).  I am going to venture into the pasture another day to get some closer shots but here is a peak at what I was looking at last evening.
I have been eying up this old car for sometime now, thinking I have to get over there and snap some photos of this piece of my families history.


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