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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Little Oasis On The Prairie ~ Part III

Monday after work a quick stop at Wal-mart for some aquarium gravel proved to be a bit more costly as I picked up a few more plants for the deck, a bicycle planter and another set of solar lights for at my pond.  Then I was off to Petland and picked up 6 Comet Goldfish for my pond...well by the time I got home 30 minutes later one of the fish had died. So I set the bag of goldfish in the pond to acclimatize to the pond water temp.  Earlier that day I hit the garden center for a couple more pond plants. So while the fish were acclimatizing I re-potted a couple of my pond plants and placed them into the pond, all except for my water iris which needs to sit on a brick or something as it can't be completely submerged under the water. 

Last night as evening was changing to night and I still had a bit of light I snapped off these few pictures.  Wow the plants sure make a difference in the look of the pond.

If you click on the above photo for a larger version....see if you can find the gold fish.
The plant sitting on the ledge in the bag is my water Iris.  Debating on picking up another one of these for that corner.  Have a couple of ideas in mind what do there just not sure which way to go yet.
I love the antique look of the bike planter I have sitting off to the side of the pond. 
I really like how the rope lights light up the water and give a nice soft glow to everything.
The 5 Solar Dragon Flies twinkle randomly.  They remind me of little fireflies at night.  My plan is once I have my cattails in the pond in that corner I will have the dragon flies peeking our of the rushes.

The more time I spend out at my pond, the more I am not sure if my Angel spitter suits the area.  With the antique water pump and now the bicycle planter that looks like an antique bicycle I think I will have to set the spitter up in its own bowl. 


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