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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Take Time

 This morning as I looked out the window to the south I was taken back by the beauty of the fog laying in the field.  I tried a couple of quick snapshots but wasn't happy with them, so I settled on catching a couple of shots of the dew drops on my sedge grass in my planter.  I am hoping that once I view them I will be as happy with them on the computer screen as I was on the camera screen. 

As we driving down the driveway I noticed the number of spider webs that had been spun over night.  I also noted that this seems to be a re-occurring thing with fog in the morning.  Oh how I wish I had been traveling by myself this morning to work, as I would of ran back home to grab the camera, another time.  All the way down the road I was taken in by the beauty of these magnificent webs that were spun during the night.  There were some very busy spiders last night.  There were large webs and small webs, webs that spanned over more than one plant creating giant works of silky art. 

So from my drive to work taught me one thing.....the next time I awake on a foggy morning like today's grab my camera as I am leaving the house as I am sure there will many silky webs to photograph.

Mother Nature is so generous with her art much beauty in this world of ours.....we just need time to stop and notice.  As my grandmother always told sure to take time to smell the roses along the way as you never know what tomorrow will bring.


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