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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stanley Cup Final - Game 7

Last night was Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Final in Vancouver where the Boston Bruins vs Vancouver Canucks.  Not long into the first period Boston scores a goal and tradition in the past has shown that the team to score the first goal wins the Stanley Cup, this year was no different and the tradition continues.  I by no means follow hockey through the season or care to watch it on TV.  The only game that I ever have any interest in is the final game of the Stanley Cup and even then I don't watch it in its entirety.  When Boston got their second goal my prediction was 5:0 Boston, turns out I was 1 goal off in my prediction.  The Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years, defeating the Vancouver Canucks 4-0. 

Congratulations Boston Bruins

Boston was the stronger team on the ice that is for sure....not sure where Vancouver left their A Game last night but it wasn't with them on the ice (said by a few people I know)....did things deflate for them when Boston scored their first goal, hard to say.  As a Canadian I was hoping that the Vancouver Canucks would win Game 7 and bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada.  The Stanley Cup hasn't been in Canada since 1993 when the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup

This morning on the news all the talk was about the Riots in Vancouver.  Loosing a hockey game is no reason to start a Riot is it?  Well in my mind it isn't a reason, and neither is winning a game a reason to start a riot.  There are many news articles on last nights riots as well as many photographs from the nights events.  If you are interested in reading an article with photos from the National Post click HERE  How I feel about what happened can't even be put into words....a few that do come to mind are "Stunned" "Unbelievable" "Disappointed in my fellow Canadians that took part" "Ashamed" "Embarrassed" and "Disgusted" to state a few.  I would think that many of the Canuck fans that par-took in the riots are asking themselves "What was I thinking" this morning or at the very least when they have reached sobriety or the adrenaline rush has left them.

These riots are a reflection on how a handful of fans felt after the game not how a majority of the Canucks fans felt after the game.  The good out way the bad but you'll never hear about the good in situations like this.


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Eve said...

I watched it too. Since my team has lost cuz of Many major Injuries during the season (Penguins), I wasn't glued to the TV but the game was on tv next to my computer.:-) For both teams, the Stanley Cup winning was a VERY LONG WAITED thing but i was sad to read the riots after the game too, not to mention, i heard so much BOOING during the ceremony on victory.. :-( Although Canadian teams hasn't won since 1993, there are more American teams, so it's not a surprise. Anyways, another about 100 days of non ice hockey, and i can have more TIME to make more cards! lol! :-)