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Monday, 6 June 2011

Little Oasis On The Prairie ~ Part I I

Friday after work was spent picking up pond plants from this greenhouse then this one. I picked up 6 plants for our pond - 1 water lily, 1 Oxygenator - Mare's Tale, 2 Marginal plants - Pitcher Plant and Corkscrew Rush and a couple of different floating plants...Water Hyacinth and container of small plants that look like a 4 leaf clover...think they are referred to as a water butterfly. Unfortunately I had to keep these plants in the house over the weekend as there was a risk of frost all weekend and it worked better as Al was working on things for the pond and the plants might have been in the way.

Marginal Plants
Corkscrew Rush....I really like the uniqueness to this plant
Pitcher the colors
Floating Plants
Submerged Plants

So after discussions about how we were going to build a waterfall for the pond to hide the pump we concluded that we don't have the space to do a waterfall that way we would like.  Suddenly the light bulb comes on above my hubby and he says we'll turn that old hand water pump into a fountain.  So off he went Saturday morning to convert this pump into a fountain.  My grandma's dream has finally come true....this pump was in my grandma's flower garden for many years...she had it placed strategically above the bird bath that she had in the garden.  I can remember her telling my grandpa that he should rig up the garden hose to the pump somehow so that it would like water was being pumped out.

Here is the finished product in the pond.....I really like how it looks....a little bit of my grandmother's spirit went into our pond.

A close up of my Garden Angel......
So we concluded our work on the pond Saturday with the addition of some rocks to the bottom of the pond.  The rope lights that Al added to the underneath ledge look really nice at night...they reflect into the water giving a nice glow.  Not sure where the spitter's final spot will be on the edge yet....that corner is where I plan to plant some bull rushes. We have a slough in our field where I will dig a few plants for that corner.

Tonight I will put my plants in the pond...and pick up a few gold fish to add to the habitat.


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