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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Little Oasis On The Prairie ~ Part IV

Just a couple of quick pictures that I took the other night.  I was trying to catch the gold fish in the pond.  They sure add a nice splash of color to the pond.
I got the fish to the surface of the pond to attempt some pictures of them by fluttering my fingers in the pond. Seemed to work caught three of them in the pictures.
Because my pond is planted I don't need to feed the fish on a daily basis.  What I have been doing because I am just establishing the pond and ecosystem within it I am feeding the fish every other day.  I am working on getting them to come to the surface to me by fluttering a couple of my fingers in the water and so far it seems to be working as I do that for a minute or so and they start heading up to me to see what is happening.  This way when I feed I see exactly how much they are eating and no extra food stays in the pond.

All my purchased plants are in the pond....just need to dig the cattails and some reeds, plant them then I will call it done.  Oh and I am going to get some duck weed from the sloughs around our area too.  I noticed that my little floating plants the "Water Butterfly" are starting to propagate already, so excited. I still want to pick up a container of "Fairy Moss" for the pond as is another floating type plant that looks like a fine green lacy moss on the water top that I do believe changes color in the fall.


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