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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Half Way To Christmas

The sky is blue the sun is shining and what enters my thoughts this morning......We are half way to Christmas.  I have less than 6 months to get my Christmas cards made, lists to make for stocking stuffers (goal is to be finished those by the end of October) have an extra person to add to the stocking stuffer list this year too, yes this is a good thing, baking to plan, Christmas Dinner to plan and gift tags to make (my kids said they would love it if I made special gift tags this year along with my cards)......oh boy the time is going to fly by fast.

So this morning after sorting my laundry and getting that going I dug out the Rubbermaid tub containing the materials for the special quilts that I started 3 years ago for my kids.  These quilts are in memory of their grandpa and it just got to hard for me to even think about back then, so I packed them away until I was ready to work on them again.  With the kids all on their own I am ready to tackle this project I started back in July 2008 shortly after my dad's passing.  I don't have to worry as much about them walking in on me working on the project and scrambling to put it away.  I took all my dad's clothes that were in good condition, removed buttons and zippers and began ripping them apart at the seems so that I could cut them into quilt squares for Grandpa Quilts.  My children always found comfort when they needed it in their grandpa along with a lot of love and support so what better way to give them a bit of their grandpa to be with them not only in their hearts but to give them comfort on days when they are sad, lonely, sick or just in need of feeling close to grandpa but with the gift of a Grandpa Quilt along with their Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. 

So with 6 months and counting....time to make Grandpa Quilts, gift tags and cards, make lists for stocking stuffers so I can grab things when I find them on much to do so little time left....but most importantly I can't forget to enjoy our Summer as it is only here for a short while.


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