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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Patio Planters

 This year we are in the midst of doing some landscaping in our yard.  Hubby rented a bobcat for a weekend, leveled out the driveway....yeah no more ruts to drive well as filled in some dips in the yard.  We still have the parging to do on the house, but at  least that is doable with the yard leveled.  With all this happening I don't have my perennial garden at the front of the house at this time so all my efforts have been focused on the pond and patio planters.  I thought I would share a few photos of the planters on my deck.

This hanging basket is my favorite.  So lush and full of buds.  Garden of Dreams a local green house has the most beautiful baskets. 

 I picked up my darker pink Fuchsia basket at a different greenhouse in town and what a difference in appearance.  The flowers are beautiful in color but the basket is very sparse compared to the one from Garden of Dreams.
 If you can't tell Fuchsia's are one of my favorite summer time flowers.

Planters on the deck railing with solar lights. I think the birds on these lights look very realistic.
The Cardinal is my favorite!
Tried to catch the globe as the LED lights changed colors.  You can see a hint of the red.....which actually glows a really nice deep dark red.

I have a 2 plants in the bicycle planter that I picked up the other day plus two square planters that I have to get pictures of yet.

We also decided that we would forgo planting a garden this year with other projects on the go.  We felt it best not to spend the $$$ to buy seeds and plants and then let it get taken over by weeds. 


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