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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Little Oasis On The Prairie ~ Part V

This past weekend my hubby and I traveled to Flin Flon, Manitoba for the weekend to celebrate a very good friend of ours 60th Birthday.   Our plan was to be able to kill 2 bird with 1 stone as the saying goes....1 to celebrate Ted's 60th Birthday and 2 get some granite and limestone rocks for our patio pond.  My hubby had very little faith that we would find any flat granite rocks....well guess what he did find some.  So last night we washed off the stones (shortly before the rain started) place a couple of the granite on one side and couple of the limestone on the other side, sat back and looked and decided that that limestone just didn't cut it.  I went in to cook supper come to see what was happening and Al had all the granite stones around the edge of the it looked nice.  There was a small hole here and there but I could live with them till our next trip to Flin Flon.  When I come out to let Al know supper was ready he had taken the rocks from around the edge and made a water fall under the old hand pump.....WOW is all I could say at first then I was able to spit it out.....You made me my "Waterfall" it is beautiful!

The sound of the water is so much softer now with it falling off the rocks.  It is so nice and soothing.  I am looking forward to enjoying my morning coffee out by the pond this weekend.
There's gold in them there rocks, fools gold that is! Pyrite!
(Al picked up a couple of granite rocks with some quartz and Pyrite in them)
Our plan for Thursday is to re-construct the water fall to hide the board the rocks are sitting on.  I am re-planting my Calla Lilies and we have to move the rocks to get at the plants.  I am thinking that I am going to move the both the Calla Lilies somewhere along the edge of the pond.  My plan is now to build the waterfall around some small planted pots of bog loving plants.  I have to decide on my plants now and get them by Thursday so we can finish the water fall area up.  I love how the rocks hide the white hose to the pump.  I find now that I barely notice it in the water. 


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