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Friday, 17 June 2011

Finished Planting

Last night I finished up planting all my annuals into pots for the patio.  I even finished planting all my pond plants too....the pond is now officially full. By the time I was finished planting everything it was too dark to take any pictures.  Need to re-work a few of the rocks on the sides for the falls and place the "Parrot's Beak" and a couple of "Bacopas" around the water fall.  Moved the Calla Lily's to sit in front of the pond for now.  Al hung up my last two flowering baskets.  Just have to hang the basket of strawberries and move the one humming bird feeder to the front of the house.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am done planting up my pots.  Most of the plants are on the smaller deck in in the area around the pond, makes for a nice place to relax with coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening.

We are in for a wet rainy weekend, once the weather is nice and sunny again.  I will post some photos of my flowering baskets and of course more photos of our Little Oasis On The Prairie.


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