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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Change is Good!

Today I brought home two boxes of my stuff from work, I didn't think I had that many personal items at the office......alot has been accumulated over the 8 years that I have been with Forest Service. Things that my kids have given me for my desk, things that I have received from co-workers, and things that I have collected over the is really hitting me that I am moving on to a new job, new adventure, new experiences and new challenges along with a few other is Scaring Me something awefull. I guess it is true what they say.....familiar is comfortable and one of the biggest things we fear is the "unknown" and I am fearing it more anyone knows.

I am going to miss the girls at the sidekick....Sharon, my friend and shoulder to cry on.....Carole.....not only my supervisor but a dear've helped me through some hard times....I am going to miss you both very much......Val, Andrea, Deb, Carole, Kietha, Barb, Brenda & girls are wonderful friends and I will miss you all.

Then there is Carman.....not one of the always have a way of making me feel better about things....your humor and witt helps make the days go by.....I am going to miss you too. If you ever want to know anything about birds in Saskatchewan....Carman is the man!

There are many others that I am going to miss.....I am entrusting these Candice to take good care of them for me....I know she will do well at the Forest Service and enjoy her time greatly.

HiHo HiHo its off to HR I go...HiHoHiHo Tomorrow is my last day with SE Forest Service until October 1st. And in the words of one my favorite carton characters.....

1 comment:

Sharon Kent said...

Three months will go by quickly.

So, get to work already. The faster you get started the faster you'll get back here.

Hurry up.....