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Friday, 22 June 2007


I was sitting in the dentist's office with my daughter I picked up the latest copy of "Homemakers Magazine". As I scanned the pages for something of interest the story "Grandpa's Coat" grabbed my attention. It was a story about a women's memories of her grandfather and time spent on the farm with her grandparents the famous "barn coats" that hung from the hook behind the kitchen door. How these barn coats smelled like the cows, the hay and most of all like her grandpa.

Growing up on a farm with my grandparents this story sounded all to familiar of my childhood. We had barn coats that hung in the porch along with the rubber boots and the steel toed work boots. One thing is for certain, those coats were toasty warm and a cool day. I remember all to well my grandma's yard jacket as she called it. It was one of my grandpa's old denim jackets. I can remember being out in the yard with grandma when it started to rain....of course I didn't want to get all soaked so she gave me her old yard coat to hung on me down to the ground....but I didn't care as I was wearing my grandma's coat that was once my grandpa's coat....I felt so special!

I was reminded of many of my own childhood memories. I can remember my grandpa & grandma telling me stories of their childhood and I have told some of those same stories to my children and started to think maybe I should write these stories down in a journal, that way they will always be around for the future generations to read and learn about their family history.

Writing my own family story......what a wonderful idea.... The next article to follow in the magazine was all about how to write your own memoirs, gave some awesome tips. The best way to ensure that you treasured memories will live on is to write them down in a journal for future generations to enjoy. Include photos, recipes and be as descriptive as possible.

Why not start with entering the Homemakers Reader Memoir Contest, there is some awesome prizes including having your story published in the magazine.

Check the link below for more information for Contest Rules and how to enter.

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