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Sunday, 3 June 2007


Behind Every Successful Woman......
Is Herself

Success can be reached by anyone that wants it.....Success comes in many forms....Success just doesn't mean succeeding in your career or having a lot of money or being first in a race. Success is measured in many ways.....

I have succeeded as a mother......when I look at my children and see them fall and make their own mistakes I worry for them but when they come to me for advice or tell me I should have listened to you or just share with me what is happening in their life.....I know then that I have succeeded as they see that I am not just "MOM" but I do know what I am talking about and there when they need me.

I have succeeded as wife.....My husband and I work together, we make decisions about our children, our home, vacations, pets and many others. I encourage my husband to be the best that he can be and I remind him that he is the best he can and he should always reach for the best. I see the success I have achieved as a wife every time my husband tells me he loves me and would be lost without me.

I have succeeded as a daughter.......I see that every time my dad tells me he loves me and how proud he is of me. My dad calls me every day just to say hi!

I have succeeded in my career.......For awhile there I thought I would never go any further than I had until the day came that I got an interview. I had applied for a few other jobs similar to what I was doing and never got an interview....well this time not only did I get the interview I was offered the job. It is a term position for 3.5 months but never the less I got the interview and ultimately I got the job.

I have succeeded at being a friend......this I know because I have friends...true friends that will be by my side no matter what....even if it to help me plot revenge on some deserving soul....they won't be able to bail me out of jail because they will be there beside me as we would have found trouble together......

Success can be measured in so many ways and yes we can say we succeeded because of this or that but most of all we can credit our success to ourselves.....because ultimately we are in control of our destiny.

Success it is yours to just have to want it!

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