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Sunday, 10 June 2007

This is God's Country

Our children think we are crazy for wanting to live in the country.....of course they would rather be in the city and I can understand why.....they would be closer to their friends, work and the activities of teenagers..........They tell us you wouldn't waste so much gas driving us in and out of town.....and yes they are right on that point, but we look at the amount of gas we burn as a small sacrifice to live amongst Nature's Beauty.

The peace and quiet of country living......I wouldn't trade it for anything. There is no hustle and bustle of the city noises to distract us. Everywhere we turn we see God's handiwork.

The morning sunrise coming through the is like the Lord is saying "Good Morning" and at night as the sun sets and as the moon & stars rise into the nigh sky in all their beauty it is so breath taking.....The Northern Lights as they dance across the night sky in robes of pinks & greens....a feast for one's eyes in the grandeur and beauty, beyond words....

"This is"God's Country"

Every morning I awake to the sounds of birds singing, the rustling of leaves on a gentle breeze, the honking of a gaggle of geese on their north bound journey. Yes I know city dwellers hear these as well but there is no distraction from traffic and such noises common to the city.

Some nights we get a visit from a coyote or can hear the rest of the pack off in the distance.....their mission is to incise our dog - Timon out so they can attack.....only thing they don't realize is that he is smarter than thet are than to fall for the call of the lone coyote.

We get bears that wonder in sometimes during the day and other times at night......they seem to be moving farther and farther to the south.....a couple of weeks ago 15 adult bears were spotted in the area......Each year for the longest time a mother bear and her cubs come waltzing down the drive so much to say "Hi!....I'm back and these are my babies" and my uncle chases them back down the road so much to tell her, " go back to the forest where you came from and we'll all be happy, we don't want any trouble now!" As cute and cuddly as these creature look, they are dangerous and we don't need them hanging around.

The deer gather in the field in front of the house and graze on the hay crop as it grows in the spring & summer and again in the fall & winter they graze on what is left on the ground from the harvest. It is truly a beautiful site to drive home after a day at work and see 5 or more deer in the field enjoying the bounty of nature. Yes they are much safer in the field than on the don't see them out too often during Hunting Season......

I truly love living in the country.....I feel so close to God here and I get to see his creations as they change with the seasons....and enjoy the beauty and splendor that comes with living here.......

Yes.......... this truly is
"GOD's Country!"

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Anonymous said...

Born and bred in the city, I moved to a small town in Ma. in my mature years. And I agree with you, there is no place like the country where I feel I finally became the woman I was supposed to be.
Good luck to you.