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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Relay for Life

Hope is what the "Relay for Life" is all about. Hope for a new cure......Hope for new treatments......Hope for new/improved medications.......Hope for many tomorrows......Hope for Cancer to be nothing more than a memory.
"Hope" for some it is all we have to hold on too!

The 12 hour relay raised more than $161, 000 in Prince Albert, with 12 of the 14 Relay's reporting in. Saskatchewan raised over 1.2 million dollars for Cancer Research.....Saskatchewan we have something to be really proud of! Our pride shone brightly last night, keep it up Saskatchewan. There are 8 more Relay events happening over the next 3 weeks.

With 81 teams registered, Carlton Comprehensive High School came out on top raising $16, 000 and Kids for A Cure....a team of 11 year olds took second, they raised $9,096......This is the 3rd relay for these kids......Way to go everyone......These youth of today are an inspiration to all, their drive and vision hasn't gone unnoticed. We are all proud of you kids!

"Studs & Peelers" raised $6,900......Yea Team.......We did it again.......our efforts have paid off once more. The Saskatchewan Environment Forest Service "STUDS & PEELERS" work hard the entire year fundraising for Cancer Research. We are a team with a big heart, a lot of imagination and a strong desire to give. We are already working on ideas for fundraising for 2008 Relay for Life....we are thinking......A CALENDER......yes that is correct a calender....ya

Our team is not only the 10 sleep deprived Studs & Peelers that stay awake for 12 hours to walk around and around the track. Our team is also our co-workers, with out them we wouldn't be able to have the pie sales, BBQ's, Pancake Breakfasts, Silent Auctions or the pop bottles to turn in. Thank you to all you and your generosity.

At 7 am after our final lap and awards we all went our separate ways to the comfort home and off to bed to get some much needed sleep. Red Bull does give you wings....with out one of them last night I am sure you could have caught sitting in my chair by our fire catching a few winks.

Good Night....or is it Good Morning........

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