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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Rain Rain Go Away......

I can remember all too well the neat sayings my grandmother used to have......Like Rain Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

I can still her singing RAIN RAIN GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER she washed the clothes while it rained as grandma liked to say"It's Raining Cats & Dogs out there". I would look for the "Cats & Dogs," but all I ever saw were rain drops, Big Wet Drops of Rain......On those days we couldn't hang the clothes on the line to dry. The clothes always smelled so fresh when you bring them in off the clothes line. When I would help grandma take in the clothes off the line I would wrap myself in the sheets and towels just to smell of the crisp freshness that could never be achieved in the dryer. My grandma would tell me......We're not out here to wrap ourselves in the clothes......We need to take them in and put them away.....Hurry Up Now.....

RAIN...RAIN....GO exactly how I have felt about the last couple of days.....Rain oh my gosh has it ever rained. Over 2 inches nearly 3 inches of rain has fallen, it started on Father's Day around 11:00 am and continued through the entire day....into the night and the next day till sometime in the morning. The sun peaks out at us just to tease through the afternoon and evening only for more rain to come this morning. In the couple of days we have gotten more rain than what we usually get for the entire month of June.

The forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy......I hope it doesn't rain ANYMORE!!!! At least not for a while.

With all this water lying around in the fields and ditches I was beginning to get scared to take off my shoes for fear I find the I would now have web feet.....just like that of a duck.

Memories......amazing that so much rain can bring back such a wonderful memory.

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