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Saturday, 9 June 2007


Memories we gather them all our life.........In everything we say, everything we do, every where we go memories are created. Every turn we take creates a new is up to us what we do with you store it away to recall another time or do we simply let it go, never to be thought of again until somethings sparks you to recall that time in your life.

I live on the farm where I grew up.....I have so many memories of those days..... Like when I could ride my bike with out wearing a helmet or when we got to ride in the box of the truck on a warm summers day or we had a BB Gun and we didn't shoot out anyone's eye....although my cousin did shoot me in the neck with the BB gun and for over 30 years I had always thought it was a bee that stung me until he confessed to me about it last year.

Heck I can remember riding on the fender of the tractor with my uncle feeding the cattle, usually I had to open and close the gate.....but those are memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. Today you don't see many farmers that let their kids ride on the fenders of the tractors.....

I remember one hot summer in the mid 70's when my cousins from Vernon were visiting after a hot dry spell......the rain came and left a hug mud puddle in the middle of our yard.......What did my cousins and I do, we put on our bathing suits, grabbed our toy cars (yes I played with toy cars too) and greeted that puddle with a splash and commenced to playing. We played for hours in the huge mud puddle out in the yard. At the end of the day Grandma didn't allow us in the house to clean up...No Sirree.....we had to hose off with the garden hose; which just sparked some more fun for the Gruesome Foursome..... I can close my eyes today and not only do I see us out there playing out in the middle of that huge puddle, mud from head to toe......I can hear the 4 of us laughing and have a great time.

Memories, ours to cherish for a life time....

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are,
the things you never want to lose.

1 comment:

Sharon Kent said...

We've been working together for so long now, that we're actually starting to think the same thoughts!

I guess you and I are both going through some changes in life........ - new job, new home. Ya, it's all good.

Shrek was right. Change is good.

Love, S