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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Last Time

This afternoon I was reminded how quickly life can change. I attended the funeral of a friend and co-worker whom I had seen for the last time on Monday May 5th. Had I known that I would never had the opportunity to see or say hello to Les again, would I have acted any different on our last encounter. Probably I would have. I might have spent more time talking about how he is doing or asked him about his grandchildren and things like that. But we don't know that each time we see our friends and family if it will be the last time we will have with them or not.

I am reminded of what my grandmother used to say to me, don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I tell my husband every day that I love him. I also tell my children and my dad that I love them as well. It gives me comfort in knowing that they know how much they mean to me.

Yesterday I promised myself to try and make a new memory everyday not just for myself but for others as well. Yes our lives can change as quick as a wink. Don't miss out on the opportunities of today to enrich your life or that of someone elses.

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