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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Saving Memories

Today I stumbled across a box that my daughter Meagan made me many years ago for Mother's Day. I have never forgot about the box but rarely do I pull it out and look through it usually a couple of times a year. Meagan used an old Japanese orange box covered it with paper then drew different things on the box. I saved many different things in this box from pictures that my kids drew, various cards from them and my husband, notes from my kids and even the odd piece of art that they created for me. It didn't take long and this box was full so I created another one with the help of both Brittany and Meagan using an old shoe box, tissue paper and pictures from a porcelain doll magazine. Now this box is nearly full that I am thinking it is time to make another "Memory Box". Well this got me to thinking of a painting class that I wasn't able to attend. The class was painting the lid of this nice wooden box that would be perfect to keep letters and cards in. The quote on the top of the box was from Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Now I am searching the Internet for quotes from Laura Ingalls Wilder, so I can paint a similar box to keep those special letters and cards in as I am in need of another memory box.

"It is the sweet, simple

things of life which are the

real ones after all."

~Laura Ingalls Wilder

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