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Sunday, 25 May 2008


Society is always changing. Every time we turn around something has changed. I look at what it is like for my kids growing up in today's society and think about what it was like when I was growing up. There are some similarities but things have changed drastically from when I was their age. Girls now a days are downright mean and nasty. I remember we could be mean but to the lengths that these girls of today. You also stood by your friend, you never left you in a alley to defend yourself when someone was going to attack you then say they were worried about you, that is not a friend. This happened to my daughter on Friday night and now this girl is trying to say I was so worried about her, give me a break worried. Friends don't leave friends in a time like that, they at least call 911 for help. To make the matters worse my daughter was jumped because of this so called friend who got this other girl to come after my daughter. We wonder why our kids don't trust others.....this is a perfect example of how you can't even trust those that call themselves your friend.

The youth of today know that they can really push the limits and the most they might get is community service or don't do this again. We have created the society that our children live in and we have created this mess. Our schools have banned the Lord's Prayer because it is disrespectful to the non Christian children. When I was in school if you weren't a Christian you stood outside the class room while the rest of us said the Lord's Prayer. You're no longer allowed to use the strap in the school system, no no they suspend the kids from school for a day or two, all we are teaching our kids with that punishment is if you misbehave bad enough you can have a day off school maybe more depending on what you do. We ask why so many kids have gone bad, in and out of the justice system they way they are...I think if we just looked back and seen how we made it possible for them to turn out they way they have we'd realize that we helped contribute to the problems.

I am glad the my girls are nearly done the teen years.

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