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Thursday, 8 May 2008

LifeStyle Changes

When a person sets out to make changes to their lifestyle it is sometimes met by others as to why are doing this, what is the point some negative aspects like that and there are those that are encouraging and supportive and what to help you the best way you can.

One change that I made first thing in my house was buying whole grain breads instead of white bread. It took nearly a month for my husband to get into the routine of buying whole grain bread. If he was the one to buy bread it was usually white bread. Okay he bought the Demsters Smart bread once. The last time he picked up bread to my surprise it was 100% Whole Grain Bread.

Last night I told him that I wanted our entire family eating healthier not just me. To my surprise he agreed and told me your doing a good job getting us there. They are not fighting the food choices that I buy. I am so glad that they realize that what I am doing is for their health as well.

My family has been a great support in my decision to change my lifestyle. Since Christmas I have lost nearly 20lbs and at least 1 size in clothing. I can't say exactly how much I have lost since April 1, when I started journeying my day by day activities because I couldn't trust my scale but I am guessing it is around 7 lbs give or take. I know have a new is a Weight Watchers Scale that tells you where to stand so that you body is evenly balanced.

I feel great, I have more energy and love the changes that I am making.

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