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Monday, 21 June 2010

A Quick Note

Well today being my EDO (earned day off) I spent the day waiting for them to finish installing our new furnace.  WOW is it ever small compared to our old furnace.  They have to come back tomorrow as they have about 2 hrs of work left to do....has to fix some of the shingles on the roof and some stuff with the furnace.  Today's plan was to do up the laundry but with them working around the furnace I was unable to get to my washer and dryer.  The old chimney is gone and one that is maybe 1/8 the size of the old one is now in its place. 

Once our reno's are finished we will have to get someone in to clean all the ducts out as they are heavily laid with dust.  Want that all cleaned out before we start using the furnace daily. 

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